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TRI-BLUE Blue laser diffraction particle size distribution analyzer

Blue laser diffraction particle size distribution analyzer.

When looking for an accurate solution for measuring wet suspensions under 1 micron, look no further than the TRI-BLUE, the only laser diffraction particle size analyzer that fully agrees with Dynamic Light Scattering data.

TRI-BLUE-laser-diffraction-particle-size-distribution-analyzer1The TRI-BLUE is the latest laser diffraction particle size distribution analyzer from Microtrac’s acclaimed product line.  The TRI-BLUE is the first analyzer to use three fixed, blue laser diodes to measure wet suspensions from 10 nanometers to 700 microns. What sets the TRI-BLUE apart is it’s ability to precisely and accurately measure particles under 1 micron, by taking full advantage of the superior resolution enabled by the shorter wavelength of the blue lasers.

Click here to view the TRI-BLUE particle size distribution analyzer data sheet

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Applications for the Microtrac TRI-BLUE include:

Microtrac TRI-BLUE Features:

  • Tri-laser blue laser configuration with fixed multi-detector, multi-angle optical system
  • Rugged design with no-moving parts
  • Blue laser diodes
  • Mie and patented Modified Mie algorithms for spherical and non-spherical particle analysis
  • Ability to “tune” the analyzer to measure with enhanced resolution or repeatability
  • Measures wet suspensions ranging in size from 0.01 to 700 microns.
  • Enclosed optical path
  • Small footprint

Microtrac TRI-BLUE Benefits:

  • By having a fixed, multi-detector, multi-angle optical system users can measure a wider range of their sample, providing more data, which greatly increases the accuracy of the measurement.
  • Moving parts often times either wear out or fail, then need to be replaced.  By eliminating all moving parts, the TRI-BLUE is a rugged solution that will run for long periods of time without user invention or down time, which increases user productivity.
  • Blue lasers have a shorter wavelength than red lasers (405 compared to 780 nm), when utilized for particle size measurements, the accuracy, precision, and repeatability dramatically increases for analysis of particles under 1 micron.
  • 95 percent of particles are non-spherical, so why use an algorithm that assumes the particles are spherical?  The TRI-BLUE gives the user the ability to select Mie theory (spherical particles) or our patented Modified Mie algorithm that accounts for the non-sphericity of particles, which provides the user with greater flexibility and a more precise tool for measuring size distributions.
  • Ideal for research and development professionals who are looking to refine their new material, the TRI-BLUE’s tuning function allows the user to manually adjust the resolution or repeatability providing greater control of the analysis.
  • The TRI-BLUE can measure particles ranging in size from 0.01 to 700 microns, which is ideal for users who are searching for an accurate measurement solution for materials under 1 micron.
  • By enclosing the optical path, the TRI-BLUE requires little downtime for maintance, which provides the user with a reliable tool that they can trust to be ready whenever they need it.
  • Microtrac understands how vital laboratory space is, which is why we engineered the TRI-BLUE to have the smallest footprint on the market.