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Simultaneous Thermogravimetric Analyzer (NEXTA STA)



Simultaneous Thermogravimetric Analyzer (NEXTA STA)


1. World class baseline performance
The NEXTA STA series incorporates a new balance control technology in addition to the horizontal digital dual beam system that has been well received in our previous models. Conventionally, baseline drift occurs due to hysteresis in the temperature program or surrounding environmental factors. However, by incorporating a new balance technology, the NEXTA STA series achieved baseline stability that is not affected by the temperature program.

2. Broad measurement application using high temperature control technology
The NEXTA STA series heating furnace has the improved temperature control technology which realizes several temperature programs, such as heating at a constant heating rate, repetition heating and cooling, heating up and hold isothermal, temperature modulated DSC, and controlled reaction rate thermal analysis.

3. Available DSC measurement on the NEXTA STA series - Specific heat capacity measurement over the wide temperature range achieved by DSC
The NEXTA STA series showcases an evolution from DTA to DSC, enabling simultaneous thermogravimetry and DSC measurement, which defines it from its predecessors. In addition, by using temperature modulated DSC, specific heat capacity measurements are achieved over a wide temperature range that cannot be measured by (the) standalone DSC.

4. “Real View®” Sample Observation Option
The well-received “Real View®” option has been further developed.
Not only are samples observed while measurements are in progress, but various analysis features have been incorporated, such as digital zoom, image analysis, length measurement capability, and color analysis, which can support a variety of applications.

“Real View” is a registered trademark of Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation in the U.S, Brazil, China, India, Turkey, the European Union, and Japan.

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