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Genie G

RephiLe provides a full range of lab water systems for small to medium size applications (water production 10 – 300 liters per hour).



Fiber Filter Bags 25 micron porosity- 1000 Count.



Fiber Filter Bags 25 micron porosity- 200 Count.



With the SYNC particle analyzer, Microtrac MRB integrates its highly accurate tri-laser diffraction analyzer technology with its versatile dynamic image analysis capability to provide particle characterization practitioners with a unique measuring experience. The patented synchronous measurement technology allows users to make both a laser diffraction measurement and an image analysis measurement on a single sample, in the same sample cell at the same time: One sample One optical bench One flow path One sample cell One analysis

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THE INDUSTRY PREFERRED LASER DIFFRACTION ANALYZER, IDEAL FOR PARTICLE CHARACTERIZATION The Microtrac S3500 is the first particle size analyzer that uses three precisely placed red laser diodes to accurately characterize particles like never before. The patented Tri-Laser System provides accurate, reliable and repeatable particle size analysis for a diverse range of applications by utilizing the proven theory of Mie compensation for spherical particles and the proprietary principle of Modified Mie calculations for non-spherical particles. The S3500 measures particle size from 0.02 to 2,800 µm.


The BLUEWAVE is optimized for materials below 1 micron delivering unsurpassed resolution. The BLUEWAVE measures particle size from 0.01 to 2,800 µm. Microtrac MRB has a tradition of delivering innovative solutions in particle size analysis through light scattering technology. The BLUEWAVE laser diffraction analyzer is a continuation of that tradition. Utilizing the patented tri-laser technology, the BLUEWAVE provides accurate, reliable and repeatable particle size information for applications ranging from research and development to production, process, and quality control. The BLUEWAVE complies with or exceeds ISO 13320-1 particle size analysis – light diffraction methods.

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The NANOTRAC WAVE II provides users with superior particle analysis capability by taking advantage of an enhanced optical signal, innovative probe technology, and advanced algorithms. Whether your material is ppm or near finished product, the WAVE II obtains fast, sensitive, and precise measurements of materials ranging from sub-nanometer to several microns.



The AEROTRAC II is an analyzer for particle size distributions & concentration ratio analysis (calculated from transmitted laser light) for suspended particulates in air such as atomized droplets, powders, spray particles, mist and etc.



ANKOM FLEX Analyte Extractor Breakthrough Vitamin Analysis - Automated Saponification to Isolation The ANKOMFLEX Analyte Extractor's innovative design and automated technology supports multiple samples at one time, and completes saponification, solid phase extraction (SPE), and evaporation in about two to three hours.



NEXTA DSC series, Hitachi’s latest series of differential scanning calorimeter (DSC), delivers superior sensitivity with exceptional baseline stability. Moreover, it allows an even wider temperature range for Real View®. NEXTA DSCs also have ability to use temperature modulated DSC method to determine specific heat capacity. Together with the enhanced safety features designed in make this instrument even more user-friendly. The series of DSCs provide cutting-edge measurement technology for quality control in various fields as well as research and development of polymers, inorganic materials, pharmaceuticals, and others.

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DSC 7000 Series

The latest differential scanning calorimeter series. The sensitivity, the baseline stability and the temperature control performance of the DSC7000 series largely improved. With wealth of option line-up, it has versatile expandability to realize automatic measurement, photochemical reaction measurement and the sample observation measurement. It is most suitable for measurement of melting, glass transition, crystallization, curing, specific heat capacity measurements and purity analysis of a very small amount of samples in fields such as polymer materials, inorganic materials, pharmaceutical products and food.

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Simultaneous Thermogravimetric Analyzer (NEXTA STA)

TMA7000 Series

The Hitachi TMA7000 Series Thermomechanical Analyzer has doubled its sensitivity compared with our conventional model. It measures a wide range of samples, including thin film and small samples, as it uses the total expansion method and does not limit sample shapes. Changing the modes between push, penetration, and tension is done by simply replacing the probe. A wide range of options, such as an automatic cooling unit, ensures the ease of use and highly accurate measurement.


With its exceptional overall performance and user-friendly design, the DMA7100 is ideal for uses from routine and high-level research. A navigation guide in the software and the intuitive sample clamping design allow for simple operation.


NEXTA Software

Software for NEXTA features a guidance function to simplify various types of measurements based on standard methods and a new measurement mode that is very easy to use, even for beginners. New functions have been added to simplify instrument operation for users who new to thermal analysis, while existing capabilities have been preserved for experienced users.

UV Irradiation Unit

This is the optional product of the Differential Scanning Calorimeter which enables the detection of the photochemical reaction such as UV curing. Sample curing behavior can be detected real-time and be analyzed the wavelength and irradiation intensity dependence.

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Real View

This is an optional accessory that integrates with the instrument to observe the sample during thermal measurements. Images reveal changes in sample shape, size, color, and other properties. The images can be recorded and are automatically linked to the thermal data by time-stamp.



The ANKOM DELTA Fiber Analyzer automates fiber determinations at the highest level. Capable of Acid Detergent, Neutral Detergent and Crude Fiber analysis



Automated Dietary Fiber Analysis, Apparatus and Extraction

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The ANKOM2000 Fiber Analyzer has been subjected to rigorous testing over a broad range of sample types, and is used by ANKOM for the NFTA and AAFCO check sample programs. The ANKOM2000 Fiber Analyzer provides increased automation to enhance laboratory operations and reduce labor costs.

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The ANKOM200 Fiber Analyzers have been subjected to rigorous testing over a broad range of sample types and are listed in the NFTA and AAFCO check sample programs. Results can be determined for Acid Detergent Fiber, Neutral Detergent Fiber, and Crude Fiber for all feeds and forages.



With bench space a premium in many laboratories, the DIS 600i is one of the most compact dissolution testers available on the market today. Ideal for use in both R&D and QC environments, the DISi 600i is equipped with precision ground shafts that will accept any of the baskets, paddles or rotating cylinders described in the Ph. Eur., USP and associated Pharmacopoeias.


DIS 800i

Maximising visibility and access to the critical sampling area above the bath, the DIS 800i represents the very latest in tablet testing technology. Ideal for use in both R&D and QC environments, the DISi 800i is equipped with precision ground shafts that will accept any of the baskets, paddles or rotating cylinders described in the Ph. Eur., USP and associated Pharmacopoeias.

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The ANKOMXT15 Extractor provides an Official Procedure for efficient and economical solvent extractions.The ANKOMXT15 Extractor has been subjected to rigorous testing over a broad range of sample types. Fat ranges from 0% to 100% have been determined using this procedure. The XT15’s low cost provides an affordable high-volume solution. Batch processing allows for the extraction of up to 15 samples at a time and is capable of up to 150 samples per day. Also 90°C temperatures accelerate extraction kinetics, reducing most extraction times to under 40 minutes. If using solvents such as diethyl ether please ask about seal upgrades. There is no need to replace seals when using Petroleum Ether or Hexane. Filter bags serve to simplify handling and enable batch processing. The XT15’s Automatic Solvent Recycling and Activated Charcoal Filter elminates the need for a vent hood and reduces costs.



Ideal for use in the production area for a quick check of compression force, the TH3 is a portable and simple-to-use tablet hardness tester. Using a multi-turn, low-friction hand wheel to apply the load, the TH3/200 can apply a force up to 200 N. The resulting breaking force is displayed clearly on the LCD with a wide choice of data output options. With no calibration routinely required, this tester offers easy and convenient tablet hardness testing in busy production environments.


The ANKOMXT10 Extractor provides an Official Procedure for efficient and economical solvent extraction.



Combining the economy of a simple, easy to use hardness tester with the accuracy of microprocessor-controlled data collection, the compact TBF 100i hardness tester delivers precise tablet hardness and diameter measurements. Offering high tablet throughput, the intuitive touchscreen user interface of the TBF 100i streamlines test set-up procedures for users, whilst the built-in data processor provides analysts with tablet breaking force statistical analyses at the touch of a button. Tablet thickness and weight can also be recorded (optional).


The DAISYII Incubator has been subjected to rigorous testing over a broad range of sample types. Results can be determined for In-Vitro True Digestibility, Apparent Digestibility, Rate studies, Neutral Cellulase Gamanase Digestibility, and other related studies for all feeds and forages.



With the same standard features as the other DTGi Series testers and supporting up to 2 basket rack assemblies, the DTG 200i-IS offers independent control over each test station, making it ideal for the following types of applications: Comparing one formulation directly against another Comparing the performance of a single formulation under different conditions Assessing delayed release or enteric coated tablets where samples must be immersed for specified periods of time in different media Allowing two users to run tests simultaneously



Wireless Gas Production Measurement The ANKOM RF Gas Production System provides an easy to use method for monitoring and measuring gas production.

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