Particle Size & Shape Analyzer SYNC


SKU : M5001

With the SYNC particle analyzer, Microtrac MRB integrates its highly accurate tri-laser diffraction analyzer technology with its versatile dynamic image analysis capability to provide particle characterization practitioners with a unique measuring experience. The patented synchronous measurement technology allows users to make both a laser diffraction measurement and an image analysis measurement on a single sample, in the same sample cell at the same time: One sample One optical bench One flow path One sample cell One analysis




The SYNC particle size analyzer is ideally suited for routine QC applications. It also provides valuable information to researchers as they develop new materials and processes. The powerful analysis software interface provides both particle size distribution information as well as a multitude of morphological particle parameters. The patented BLEND routine allows users to examine materials over a wide range of sizes from 0.01 microns to 4000 microns.

  • Patented Tri-Laser design (red & blue lasers are available)
  • Detector array covering 0.02 - 163 degrees
  • Stroboscopic light source and integrated camera for dynamic image analysis
  • Same bench & dispersion system for diffraction & image analysis
  • Wet and dry analysis, easy change
  • Small footprint
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