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Auto-Dry Desiccator OH-3S


SKU : 1-5486-21

FEATURES: - Solid polymer electrolyte film directly & continuously applies electrolysis to humidity inside desiccator - Humidity inside desiccator is released in gaseous format. - Ideal for long time operation because of low electricity consumption - No sounds, vibrations and superior durability

Brand : AS ONE



Body Material Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) –Acrylic resin

Dehumidification System Solid High Polymer Electrolysis Film

Dehumidification Level Up to 25% (depends on surrounding environmental condition)

Shelf Dimension 257 x 270 x 4t mm

Inner Dimension 285 x 275 x 485 mm

Outside Dimension 330 x 345 x 525 mm

Shelf Pitch Bottom: 50 mm, Others: 30 mm

Power, Plug 100-220 VAC, 50/60Hz; 2P plug, Code length: 2m

Power Consumption 3W

Maximum Load (shelf) 2,000 g

Maximum Load (Body) 10,000 g

Net weight (Inc. shelf weight) 5 kg

Attachment 3 shelves with vent holes; Polystyrene tray
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