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UV Auto-Dry Desiccator UVOH-520SA


SKU : 1-5488-22

FEATURES: - Solid polymer electrolyte film directly & continuously applies electrolysis to humidity inside desiccator - Humidity inside desiccator is released in gaseous format. - Ideal for long time operation because of low electricity consumption - No sounds, vibrations and superior durability

Brand : AS ONE



Auto dry type
Material: Transparent PMMA (acrylic) (cutting 520nm or less)
Dehumidification system: Using solid high polymer electrolyte membrane, H2O electrolytic discharge
Reaching humidity: 25%RH (with no internal load, depending on the usage environment)
Dehumidifying element membrane area: 30 x 30mm
Power supply: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 3W
Shelf board interval: 1 stage in the bottom/50mm, Other/30mm
Weight: 5kg
Power cord length: Approximately 2m (2P plug)
Model number: UVOH-520SA
Outer dimension (mm) *: 330 x 345 x 525 (*including dehumidifying unit. )
Inner dimension (mm): 285 x 275 x 485
Accessories: Shelf board x 3, Silica gel plate x 1 plate, Low humidity digital temperature and humidity meter (THI-HP)
Package size:420×400×635 mm 6.8 kg [About Package size]
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