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Nanoparticle Tracking Analyzer ZetaView® is a nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA) instrument for measuring hydrodynamic particle size, zeta potential, concentration and fluorescence.


Key Features & Benefits Scanning NTA – automated measurements are taken at 11 positions through the sample cell, providing a thorough and robust interrogation of samples, without need for additional accessories. Fixed cell assembly design – greatly enhanced performance and less susceptibility to errors. Auto-alignment & auto-focus – the optical setup is automatically optimized by the software, saving the user time preparing the instrument for use and removing subjective user input bias. Fast measurements – analysis of over 2,000 particles in as little as 60 seconds. Quick and simple cleaning – cleaning between samples requires only a quick flush. The new fixed cell design allows very quick access to the measuring cell with a bayonet lock. Intuitive software – traffic-light system gives an instant indication of whether the sample is at a suitable concentration for measurement and indicates the dilution factor of the sample. Compact all-in-one design – measure size, concentration, zeta potential and fluorescence with one instrument. Compatible with the laboratory environment small footprint and data files. Fluorescence analysis – fluorescence NTA measurements allow interrogation of subpopulations in the sample. A sensitive CMOS camera, up to 11 selective filters, and low bleaching performance yield high fluorescence sensitivity. No high-cost consumables – just syringes and reference standards for scattering and fluorescence measurements (if applicable). No calibration – size measurements do not need to be calibrated as the method is absolute.
Zeta potentialoptional
Fluorescence2 long pass filters
Laser405 & 520 nm or
405 & 640 nm or
488 & 640 nm or
520 & 640 nm
Custom filter support*

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