Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer NEXTA DMA200



With its exceptional overall performance and user-friendly design, the DMA7100 is ideal for uses from routine and high-level research. A navigation guide in the software and the intuitive sample clamping design allow for simple operation.




Product Highlights

  • Utilize the 20N force range for analyzing stiff materials, ideal for carbon fiber composites and other high-performance materials.
  • Access a wide applied force range with 5E-6N resolution and minimal output signal noise, enabling the detection and resolution of even the smallest transitions.
  • Choose from air, liquid nitrogen (LN2) or electrical gas cooling options; electrical gas cooling relies on power, eliminating external resources, while our LN2 cooling platform reduces its consumption by up to 30%.
  • Easily validate your results during or after analysis with the Lissajous monitor function, ensuring confidence in your results.
  • The Real View system, various measuring modes, rapid modulus change detection and advanced analysis provide versatile insights for research.
  • Maximize convenience with our user-friendly 'Guidance Mode' software, providing step-by-step measurement and analysis guidance for non-experts. Advanced options such as master curve (TTS) and activation energy calculations support various applications and are included as standard.
  • Our DMA instrument meets ISO, ASTM, DIN, and JIS standards, with essential specifications integrated into the software such as ISO 6721-11, ASTM D7028 – 07, IPC, JIS K7095 and more.

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