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TMA7000 Series

The Hitachi TMA7000 Series Thermomechanical Analyzer has doubled its sensitivity compared with our conventional model. It measures a wide range of samples, including thin film and small samples, as it uses the total expansion method and does not limit sample shapes. Changing the modes between push, penetration, and tension is done by simply replacing the probe. A wide range of options, such as an automatic cooling unit, ensures the ease of use and highly accurate measurement.

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DSC 7000 Series

The latest differential scanning calorimeter series. The sensitivity, the baseline stability and the temperature control performance of the DSC7000 series largely improved. With wealth of option line-up, it has versatile expandability to realize automatic measurement, photochemical reaction measurement and the sample observation measurement. It is most suitable for measurement of melting, glass transition, crystallization, curing, specific heat capacity measurements and purity analysis of a very small amount of samples in fields such as polymer materials, inorganic materials, pharmaceutical products and food.



NEXTA DSC series, Hitachi’s latest series of differential scanning calorimeter (DSC), delivers superior sensitivity with exceptional baseline stability. Moreover, it allows an even wider temperature range for Real View®. NEXTA DSCs also have ability to use temperature modulated DSC method to determine specific heat capacity. Together with the enhanced safety features designed in make this instrument even more user-friendly. The series of DSCs provide cutting-edge measurement technology for quality control in various fields as well as research and development of polymers, inorganic materials, pharmaceuticals, and others.


The ANKOMHCI Hydrolysis System provides an easy method for performing the hydrolysis step in total fat/oil analysis. Taking up little counter space, the ANKOMHCI allows for batch hydrolysis of up to 15 samples at a time. The technician inserts up to fifteen samples into the vessel, adds the acid solution and follows the system screen prompts.

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Simultaneous Thermogravimetric Analyzer (NEXTA STA)



Wireless Gas Production Measurement The ANKOM RF Gas Production System provides an easy to use method for monitoring and measuring gas production.

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The ANKOM2000 Fiber Analyzer has been subjected to rigorous testing over a broad range of sample types, and is used by ANKOM for the NFTA and AAFCO check sample programs. The ANKOM2000 Fiber Analyzer provides increased automation to enhance laboratory operations and reduce labor costs.

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The ANKOM200 Fiber Analyzers have been subjected to rigorous testing over a broad range of sample types and are listed in the NFTA and AAFCO check sample programs. Results can be determined for Acid Detergent Fiber, Neutral Detergent Fiber, and Crude Fiber for all feeds and forages.


The DAISYII Incubator has been subjected to rigorous testing over a broad range of sample types. Results can be determined for In-Vitro True Digestibility, Apparent Digestibility, Rate studies, Neutral Cellulase Gamanase Digestibility, and other related studies for all feeds and forages.



Automated Dietary Fiber Analysis, Apparatus and Extraction


The ANKOMXT10 Extractor provides an Official Procedure for efficient and economical solvent extraction.

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The ANKOMXT15 Extractor provides an Official Procedure for efficient and economical solvent extractions.The ANKOMXT15 Extractor has been subjected to rigorous testing over a broad range of sample types. Fat ranges from 0% to 100% have been determined using this procedure. The XT15’s low cost provides an affordable high-volume solution. Batch processing allows for the extraction of up to 15 samples at a time and is capable of up to 150 samples per day. Also 90°C temperatures accelerate extraction kinetics, reducing most extraction times to under 40 minutes. If using solvents such as diethyl ether please ask about seal upgrades. There is no need to replace seals when using Petroleum Ether or Hexane. Filter bags serve to simplify handling and enable batch processing. The XT15’s Automatic Solvent Recycling and Activated Charcoal Filter elminates the need for a vent hood and reduces costs.



The ANKOM DELTA Fiber Analyzer automates fiber determinations at the highest level. Capable of Acid Detergent, Neutral Detergent and Crude Fiber analysis

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